Coleene has a wealth of wisdom and ability to serve anyone focused on healing and transformation. Her own transformation will inspire your discovery of self-healing. 

Best of all, her loving energy holds such a profound space for your connection with the Divine.  Master Mingtong Gu

Chi Center Founder

Coleene gave me practical tools and depth of emotional support to realize goals I hadn't achieved on my own.

She helped me identify and tackle behaviors undermining my success.

I highly recommend her. Donna Morrish

 Coleene has been nothing short of exceptional as a guide and coach. Her patience, willingness to listen, and straight talk made her very effective. She helped me think through the right set of actions I needed to take to become even more effective in my career, across a number of dimensions but primarily in how I deal with my leadership and my teams, and improving my executive presence. 

Devanjn D'Souza

Qigong with Coleene has been a slice of grace.  The centering, balance and well-being I feel with each class is amazing.  Sandy Blaha

Coleene is so much more than a great coach & teacher, she is a healer.

Her ability to guide me to discover my own truth & feel safe in the process was invaluable.  Rachael Wright

 My experience with Coleene was amazing … she simultaneously made me confident in my strengths and conscious of areas to develop, without feeling bad about them. Our conversations were always something I looked forward to and I never walked away without a valuable insight. Her genuine nature and approachable style made it very easy for us to connect  and I would jump at the opportunity to have her as a coach again.  Omar McGann

Coleene is the best coach I’ve ever worked with in that she asks probing questions, listens intently with no prejudice, follows up with more questions until it’s pretty clear to both of us the path forward…and her advice is invaluable but most importantly, it’s the advice that bests suits my personality and how I would think. She is as genuine as they come, very empathetic and patient! I miss Coleene’s insights and would have her as my coach again in a heartbeat!   Noah George

Coleene has deep expertise in Wisdom Healing Qigong, a warm-hearted style  and coaches with grace and humor. I highly recommend her.  Rev. Kay Johnson, Healing Ministry Mile Hi